Soft skills are critical to effective team working. They are often overlooked when building tech teams. Professional expertise underpins our entire learning programme.

Communications with your customers

So often we’re bombarded by the detail and we forget to ask what the delivery expectations are from our customers?

This course focuses on those questions everyone needs to ask to get a full picture of the task or project from the customers perspective.

Which style of communication is best to use in different scenarios? Email, phone or face-to-face. We take a look at when to use each type and explore their effectiveness.

Team Dynamics

This workshop is facilitated by using an assessment in order to identify career and leadership strengths and how to use those whilst working collaboratively.

We focus on each individual’s top 5 and see how these combine and contribute to the overall team’s execution, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking.

Presentation & Workshop Skills

This course will give participants the opportunity to enhance their own skills through a series of practical exercises focused on different elements of the presentation and workshop process. At the heart of the course is a focus on presenting from strengths to build confidence quickly and applying the tools of analogy and story-telling to help their message ‘land’ with their audience.

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