your Existing teams

Your current teams often have outdated skills and ways of working tied to legacy technologies. Those with the aptitude and ambition need to be developed with digital technology and skills for the future. Our unique, Mindscape ‘Virtual Coach’ platform, powered by Jnaapti, is our customisable digital learning platform that allows staff of different skills and experience level to learn the skills specific to your digital tech environment.

Assess your existing teams

We work with you to understand your organisation and team level tech skills roadmap.

Our proprietary skills graph engine assesses all individuals current skills and capabilities and the insights produced are used to determine gaps in technical talent against technical roadmap set by the organisations and different project needs.

Produce a tailored learning path


Tailored learning programmes

Our platform builds a tailored learning programme for individuals and teams to address the skills gap.

Mindscape ‘Virtual Coach’

We combine the multiple technologies in your tech roadmap into a single customised learning programme delivered through the Mindscape ‘Virtual Coach’.

Client-specific content

We can add client-specific proprietary content into the learning programme and integrate other 3rd party vendor content into our platform.

Open source technologies

Our platform supports over 30 open source technologies, 300 skill-sets combined with digital ways of working programmes.

Deliver through practitioner-led platform and bespoke onsite training


Managing teams efficiently

Our platform provides mechanisms to group learners into learning teams and manage them efficiently with different mentors across multiple locations and geographies.

Automated code evaluation

Automated code evaluation for languages and frameworks. Efficient human review system for peer evaluation built into the platform. Pre-training, ongoing and post-training assessments.

Efficiently sessions

We efficiently combine online, classroom and self-learning sessions.

Review and feedback

Coaching review and feedback through the platform supports our continuous learning philosophy.

From Engineer to Manager

1-2-1 coaching programme for engineers to adapt to a managerial style, while developing EQ and RSI. Learning to manage their team (not micromanaging) and elevate the perspective with business stakeholders and IT leadership.

Facilitation of a team or a leadership team

Establishing agenda, establishing sensors in the system of work and performance, facilitating a cadence of sessions to put the team through its pace, mixing relationships in the team and purposeful exercises & frameworks (eg. Maps, OD, Hoshin, Kaizen, sensemaking, etc).


Facilitation of a cross functional group of peers on a regular call; mixed with periodic “briefing” sessions to stimulate new thinking. Useful in Corporates to develop Guilds and/or drive solution adoption.

Digital leadership programme

Digital Thinking Foundations. 3 vectors of development (Strategy and adaptive Org design / Operational Excellence / Systemic Leadership).

The programme would be a mix of:



Identifying the “systems” of work, relationships, key challenges.
Classroom for foundations or on-going bitesize training.

Mentoring and coaching key leaders

Assisted facilitation and delegation workshops.

Short advisory assignments

Strategy / Flow & VSM / Work systems map / Assessment & Reco.


Training above modules and/or DT, Cynefin, ORSC, Agendashift, Lean Kanban & Kaizen.

Special workshops

Planning one on Diversity & innovation.

Craft your digital team with Mindscape