About Us

We know that great talent is at the core of cultural and technical adoption in the digital world and our ethos is to share our beliefs, practices and ideas to build and reskill your software engineering teams. 


The Mindscape team have been involved with digital change efforts for over two decades. Organisations now need to compete in a radically different digital disruptive world. We have come together in this venture with the conviction that with technology moving so fast, the focus has to change from one-time technical solution investments to deliver digital adoption through people and leadership.


The supporting ecosystem of consulting firms need to change and evolve to respond to this new disruptive world and enable clients to build and develop their own capabilities. Services need to be of a different nature with a strong stance on education, mentoring and coaching. Mindscape has been formed to meet these challenges for our clients.


Our Leadership Team

We are a collective of digital tech industry leaders who have built successful teams. We work with you to share our beliefs, practices and ideas to build your future digital teams.
Paul McGolpin

co-CEO, Mindscape

Siri Narasimham

co-CEO, Mindscape

Joel Fogden

Business Director, Mindscape

Rachel Barnes

Operations Director, Mindscape

Our Non – Executive Team

Strategy & Delivery

Mike Altendorf

Mary Martin

CTO – Technology & Architecture

Adam Clarke

Nathan Swift

Learning & Ways of Working

Our Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners remit is to accelerate digital delivery and leave behind enhanced capability via Mindscape.


Cloud Native Architecture and Computing Solutions


Cloud Native Acceleration and Adoption


Managed Services for Mainframe, Cloud & Hybrid IT

Red Badger

Digital transformation experts who innovate and delivery


Practitioner-Led Cyber Security Services


Digital Transformation: innovate to advise and deliver on secure, scalable, and transformative software solutions across the private and public sector