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  • "Research found that demand for digital talent outstrips supply by 4 to 1 and this disconnect is predicted to widen."

  • "There is a digital skills mismatch between what organisations need and the available talent pools. The pace of automation will exacerbate the skills shortage."

    McKinsey & Company
  • "The UK faces a major talent shortage: Brexit & the ageing population could see almost 3 million jobs left unfilled by 2030."

  • "3% of females say a career in tech is their first choice."

  • "In taking control of your digital future, developing the skills of existing employees will be key."

    The Boston Consulting Group
  • "Current young talent lacks the full breadth of skills required to support innovation programmes successfully."



Skills needed for the future workplace are best acquired through practice, hands-on experience, coaching and mentoring.

mindscape creates a diverse and empowered workforce by developing a broader set of technical and professional skills. We embed those skills through continuous learning programmes.

Our consultants learn, develop and become embedded within your organisation on their journey with mindscape, transitioning to your teams seamlessly after 12 months.

engage, shape, apply, and create your future tech workforce with us.


The mindscape model is illustrated as a university. The journey, for the consultant and client, is experienced through the four pillars - engage, shape, apply, and create.

We engage our consultants through proven methods of search and attract.

The shape pillar is a 12 week, multi-disciplinary education programme.

The consultants apply this knowledge during a 12 month embed period.

The consultants are seamlessly transitioned to create your future tech workforce.

All of the above is built on the foundations of our advisory boards and values.

One of the essential keys to success is the coach programme, coaches provide the guiding hand through each stage of the journey.


  • advisory boards

    The mindscape approach is supported by our advisory boards: the academic council and technology advisory board.

    Chaired by John Beaumont, mindscape's Chairman and a former professor of both management and applied management information systems.

    The drivers are quality and relevance.

  • the academic council

    The members of our Academic Council comprise leading educationalists, senior business executives, and technology consultants.

    The brief of the Academic Council is

    To advise and report to the mindscape board of directors on all education, teaching and learning matters.

    To advise and recommend on overall academic strategy.

    To provide guidance on developments in education.

    To support individuals' progress, as required.

    To drive and maintain any accreditations, both academic and professional.

  • the technology advisory board

    The members of our Technology Advisory Board comprise senior technologists from a range of businesses (including global technology service providers, software vendors and technology consulting practices), complemented by leading researchers in both universities and the private sector.

    The brief of the Technology Advisory Board is:

    To advise and report to the mindscape board of directors on the scope and depth of the technologies to be covered.

    To advise on technology developments and trends.

    To provide guidance on developments in education.

    To review technology implementation, both successes and failures.

  • values

    mindscape has four key values:





    These underline and drive all our beliefs, operations and activities.

four pillars

  • engage

    This is how we 'engage' with our talent via:

    Key University relationships

    Building a community of graduates, those returning to work, and career changers.

  • shape

    Over 12 weeks of a client-specific academy, we 'shape'our consultants. They Learn:

    Core ways of working and emotional intelligence

    Tech: AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud, Digital, Infrastructure, IoT, Robotics, Software Engineering

  • apply

    The 'apply' stage consists of 12 months of on-site client experience, where they apply their knowledge. We ensure success via our programmes of Continuous Learning and People Development.

  • create

    At the end of the 12 month period, you will witness a seamless transition to your teams. We also offer further tech leadership development training and access to the mindscape alumni network.


Over 12 weeks of a client-specific academy, we shape our consultants. We facilitate courses on:



Big Data






Software Engineering


client sponsor

The coach programme is fundamental to the mindscape model. In order for it to succeed, the coaches and sponsor have a continual feedback loop.

coach - people

Provided by mindscape:

monthly check-ups

client feedback loop

continual improvement and guidance

coach - tech

Guiding the consultant through everyday tech challenges. Provided by mindscape via mindscape associate programme, and The Hub; and/or by the client internal designated tech expert.

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